Director of Engineering and Facilities Management

Director of Engineering and Facilities Management

Role objective


  • 10+ years of extensive work in the hospitality industry
  • Advanced knowledge of building management/engineering
  • University degree in Engineering or similar
  • Exposure to budgeting and basic accounting
  • Positive attitude
  • Good communication skills
  • Committed to delivering high level of customer service
  • Strong leadership skills and previous experience of managing a team
  • Excellent grooming standards
  • Flexibility to respond to a range of different work situations
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work on their own
  • Previous experience of facilities management
  • Proficient at an advanced level with computers and relevant computer programs
  • Pre-opening experience of large-scale resort
  • Qualification in plant operations and facility management
  • Multi-unit hotel and resort experience

Detailed roles and responsibilities


The Director of Engineering and Facilities Management will be responsible for effective management of all engineering and maintenance operations within the Resort, including its plant facilities. He/She will also be responsible for development of the Engineering Team and staying abreast with compliance regulations and procedures in the field of Engineering, as required for hotel standards.

Specifically, the Director of Engineering and Facilities Management will perform the following tasks to the highest standards:

  1. Lead the Resort Engineering Management Team in the day-to-day engineering and maintenance operations of the Resort, including service standards, equipment schedules, and work schedules.
  2. Communicate with units Chief Engineers to coordinate and prioritize maintenance activities for the Resort complex.
  3. Develop systems and procedures to ensure the health and safety of Guests and Team Members.
  4. Operate, maintain and develop proper conditions for the resort’s plant facilities.
  5. Communicate with Government agencies to ensure full compliance with statutory regulations.
  6. Prepare Capital and Repairs and Maintenance budgets for complex in coordination with unit Chief Engineers.
  7. Establish emergency plans and procedures as required.
  8. Diagnose, maintain, and repair mechanical equipment within the Resort Complex.
  9. Ensure good relationships are built with internal and external customers.
  10. Maintenance of all Resort complex fixtures and fittings to ensure they are in safe condition and take action when any unsafe situations arise.
  11. Develop, implement, in coordination with unit Chief Engineers and direct all emergency programs.
  12. Develop, implement and manage energy conservation programs for the Resort complex to minimize expenses.
  13. Coordinate renovation works and define the cost and scope of the project, and oversee the general contractor and subcontractors to ensure quality work is performed cost effectively.
  14. Perform special projects and other responsibilities as assigned.
  15. Identify and introduce environmentally-friendly systems and equipment.
  16. Monitor Key Performance Indicators for the Engineering Department and take corrective action, as required, to improve equipment inventory, quality audit, productivity, and other objectives.
  17. Manage Team Member related activities, including recruitment of Chief Engineers and their performance management, training, career planning, disciplinary matters, and motivation.